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A free (Lite) version of JobGrok that includes a stripped down version of the application forms from JobGrok Premium.


DownloadJobGrok Extension Documentation (for 2.5.x)
JobGrok Extension Documentation (for 2.5.x)

This documentation is for all versions of xt jobgrok h16 on compat 25

jg application h16jg listing h16jg premium h16jg board h16

This document is not complete.

Date Added: 2012-08-05 19:57:04
Downloads: 723

(C) JobGrok Application V3.1-1.2.54

compat 30

If you are upgrading from J! 2.5.x, upgrade your site and then install JobGrok 3.x over top of the existing version.

(As usual, be sure to practice safe computing and always make backups of your site - test everything in a non-production environment first)

Version: V3.1-1.2.54
Date Added: 2014-05-18 21:05:43
Downloads: 2256

(C) JobGrok Application V2.5-1.2.54

compat 25

Currently, this extension only works on MySQL.

Version 2.5-1.2.53

Version 2.5-1.2.52

Version 2.5-1.2.51

Version 2.5-1.2.50

Version 2.5-1.2.49

Version 2.5-1.2.48

Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5-1.2.47

fixed undeclared variable
router simplification
added notes field to application in admin

Version 2.5-1.2.46

Simplified router code a bit.
Added missing language definitions
Fixed bad date formatting in static and pdf views.

Version 2.5-1.2.45

- prior release broken due to bad meta data in component creator
- fixed some language variables

Version 2.5-1.2.44

- Fixed possibility of duplicate UIDs (under certain conditions).
- Added option to sort by id.
- Added ability to set ReplyTo to submitted applicants email address.
- Fixed install/update script issues.

Version 2.5-1.2.42

- Fixed table tags causing HTML validation error
- Fixed images to PDF and Print icons
- Adjusted "job description" in PDF out put for longer Job Titles
- Added option to add datetime stamp to PDF filename

Version 2.5-1.2.41
added multiple file uploads to long and compact forms

Version 2.5-1.2.40
- not released

Version 2.5-1.2.39
- bug fixes to installation/upgrade scripts
- added ability to limit number of submitted application forms
- added ability to restrict application access by invitation code
- fixed “email to admin” setting so it would not send to site admin
- PDF fix for UTF characters (encoding change)

Version 2.5-1.2.38
bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.37
- added option to un-select radio button (e.g. neither yes or no selected)
- added option for date location display on application (top or bottom)
- added some questions to application form
- added “other css” to long form application

Version 2.5-1.2.36
- added parameters for changing required field notices

Version 2.5-1.2.35
no changes.

Version 2.5-1.2.34
- added option to change text on submit buttons for application and eeo
- fixed incorrect parameter name for intro text
- fixed bug retrieving thank you article id
- added option and logic to remove motor vehicle text when no questions displayed

Version 2.5-1.2.33
- bad build in last release
- fixed error displaying on file upload

Version 2.5-1.2.32
- fixed require field issues in eeo
- fixed mail issues with reply to in notification emails
- added option to include applicant data in applicant thank-you notification
- added option to include applicant data as pdf attachment

Version 2.5-1.2.31
- corrected duplicate referral dropdown

Version 2.5-1.2.30 RC12
- reworked version of compact application form allows for more granularity when displaying fields and custom css

Version 2.5-1.2.29 RC11
- "thanks for submission" email body to applicant accepts HTML
- meta keywords and description were not appearing in application views

Version 2.5-1.2.28 RC10
- added option to use Google's reCaptcha

- Version 2.5-1.2.27 RC9
- fixed bad link in email notification

Version 2.5-1.2.26 RC8
- fixed file upload check, no longer loses entered data when file upload fails
- added display of allowed file types and maximum file size

Version 2.5-1.2.25 RC7
- minor aesthetics

Version 2.5-1.2.24 RC6
- new icon set

Version 2.5-1.2.23 RC5
- fixed red hilighting when required fields missing
- added option to add article in agreement section
- fixed issue where parameters would not hide fields

Version 2.5-1.2.22 RC4
- styling and other bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.21 RC3
- minor bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.20 RC2
- more bug fixes and translation fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.19 RC1
!--IMPORTANT--! The language files have completely changed.
If you've made changes to, or created your own language files, you WILL need to recreate those using the newly formatted language files.
- lots of bug fixes
- new language files
- sef should work now

Version: V2.5-1.2.54
Date Added: 2014-05-18 21:01:03
Downloads: 7430

(C) JobGrok Application V1.5-1.2.19

compat 15 native
Do not install on 1.6.x or greater

Version: V1.5-1.2.19
Date Added: 2012-08-15 20:16:52
Downloads: 17024