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DownloadJobGrok Extension Documentation (for 2.5.x)
JobGrok Extension Documentation (for 2.5.x)

This documentation is for all versions of xt jobgrok h16 on compat 25

jg application h16jg listing h16jg premium h16jg board h16

This document is not complete.

Date Added: 2012-08-05 19:57:04
Downloads: 611

(C) JobGrok Listing V3.1-1.2.52

compat 30

If you are upgrading from J! 2.5.x, upgrade your site and then install JobGrok 3.x over top of the existing version.

(As usual, be sure to practice safe computing and always make backups of your site - test everything in a non-production environment first)

 This lists changes that only apply to the Joomla! 3.x verions:

Version 3.1-1.2.52

Version 3.1-1.2.51

Version 3.1-1.2.50

Version 3.1-1.2.49

Fixed bug introduced in prior version.

Version 3.1-1.2.48

Added BootStrap-ified responsive "All Postings" veiw.

Version: V3.1-1.2.52
Date Added: 2014-03-20 19:54:12
Downloads: 1787

(C) JobGrok Listing V2.5-1.2.52

compat 25

Currently, this extension only works on MySQL.

Version 2.5-1.2.52

Version 2.5-1.2.51

Version 2.5-1.2.50

Version 2.5-1.2.49

Fixed bug introduced in prior version.

Version 2.5-1.2.48

CSS styling tweaks.
Removed fixed widths from single job postings view.
Changes to opening and closing dispay dates in all view and single view.
Fixed back link in single postings to include layout.
Fixed jobtype filter on all postings view.

Version 2.5-1.2.47

fixed undeclared variable
router simplification for bug
added inline display to dropdowns in postings view
added parameters to remove field labels from module postings
added detail to location dropdown in admin site for postings
added columns to locations layout
added department to all postings view

Version 2.5-1.2.46

Simplified router code a bit.
Added missing language definitions

Version 2.5-1.2.45

fixed some language variables
added missing column from sql install scripts

Version 2.5-1.2.44

- Fixed bad filters in postings.
- Fixed location display in postings.
- JobType fix in helper file.
- Added option to sort by id.
- Added payrange field and sorting option for jobs.
- Fixed missing table prefix in jobtype_desc function of helper.
- Added 2nd parameter to jobtype_desc to pull description based on code.
- Added function country_desc to helper.
- Fixed shift work bug.
- Fixed install/update script issues.
- Fixed columnExist function in posting model.
- Fixed alias update on extension update.

Version 2.5-1.2.42
- Fixed postings filters

Version 2.5-1.2.41
- RSS Feed modifications - missing parameters added
- Added options to change filter by text and apply filter text
- Added option to make use of checkboxes in filter dropdowns for Location, Category, Pay Rates and Job Types (multiple selection)
- Added option for text filter of Job Codes

Version 2.5-1.2.40
- added pay rate filter dropdown
- added job code filter dropdown
- fixed dates in single posting view
- fixed alias not being created
- fixed dates in job postings view
- added missing company size

Version 2.5-1.2.39
- not released

Version 2.5-1.2.38
- added default view level setting
- bug fixes to installation/upgrade scripts
- fixed single posting view

Version 2.5-1.2.37
- bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.36
- fixed bug when using PHP 5.2.x (date diff calc)
- added alias field to job
- added view levels to postings

Version 2.5-1.2.35
- added send this job posting to a friend
- added "featured" job and custom styling
- added "new" job indicator

Version 2.5-1.2.34
- fixed bug introduced to postings model in 1.2.33

Version 2.5-1.2.33
- added options to change sort order of All Postings view
- fixed default country code (would not changed value)

Version 2.5-1.2.32
- added back link to all postings view from single posting view
- fixed bug in helper file retrieving location and company
- added option to add custonm css to all postings view

Version 2.5-1.2.31
- fixed inconsistencies in job posting display based on date/time
- added option for hourly precision of job postings
- fixed category description displayed in certain instances

Version 2.5-1.2.30
- added alternate link option to postings
- added new job link in postings admin site
- added option for pagination layout fix (default is to use jobgrok css)
- fixed RSS feed not linking to jobs correctly

Version 2.5-1.2.29
- more meta data additions to single postings
- fixed style issue that would prevent inline style scripts from working (bad semi-colon placement)

Version 2.5-1.2.28 RC11
- meta keywords and description were not appearing in postings views

Version 2.5-1.2.27 RC10
added option for custom css on rows in "All Postings" view (see parameters)

Version 2.5-1.2.26 RC9
- added option to auto-generate job codes (see global options)

Version 2.5-1.2.25 RC8
- add option to insert article before postings
- minor aesthetics

Version 2.5-1.2.24 RC7
- new icon set

Version 2.5-1.2.23 RC6
- fixed bad if/then in single postings view

Version 2.5-1.2.22 RC5
- added option to change text displayed when no postings exists
- added option to display rss or atom feed icon link beneath postings

Version 2.5-1.2.21 RC4
- styling and other bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.20 RC3
- minor bug fixes

Version 2.5-1.2.19 RC2
- more bug fixes and translation cleanup

Version 2.5-1.2.18 RC1
!--IMPORTANT--! The language files have completely changed.
If you've made changes to, or created your own language files, you WILL need to recreate those using the newly formatted language files.

- lots of bug fixes
- new language files
- sef should work now

Version 2.5-1.2.17 Beta
- added option to hide php messages if php strict standards is on

Version 2.5-1.2.16 Beta

- fixed erroneous "No Posting" message for Posting clicked on in All Postings View

Version 2.5-1.2.15 Beta
- fixed erroneous "No Posting" message for Single Posting view

Version 1.7-1.2.14 Beta
- fixed bad install script

Version: V2.5-1.2.52
Date Added: 2014-03-20 19:49:28
Downloads: 7323

(C) JobGrok Listing V1.5-1.2.16

compat 15 native
Do not install on 1.6.x or greater

Version: V1.5-1.2.16
Date Added: 2012-07-31 18:22:17
Downloads: 17011

(M) Postings V3.1-1.0.12 - For JobGrok Listing

compat 30

Version: V3.1-1.0.12
Date Added: 2014-03-23 20:51:39
Downloads: 36

(M) Postings V2.5-1.0.12 - For JobGrok Listing

compat 25

Version: V2.5-1.0.12
Date Added: 2012-07-29 19:41:27
Downloads: 2409

(M) Postings V1.5-1.0.7 - For JobGrok Listing

compat 15 native

JobGrok Listing Module for JobGrok Listing (not JobGrok Premium)

V1.5-1.0.7 - router correction
V1.5-1.0.6 -
V1.0.5 - added parameter to attach to menu item
V1.0.4 - add div id to output, padding-left parameter
V1.0.3 - ignored link fixed
V1.0.2 - link ignored selected menu item
V1.0.1 - added module suffix

Version: V1.5-1.0.7
Date Added: 2011-04-08 20:20:54
Downloads: 11989